The “Golden Talk-Listen Ratio” and How It Will Help Close More Sales [Sales]

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By (Guest Blogger)
Good salespeople know that you can’t close a deal without the prospect feeling good about it.
What is not as obvious is that what they feel has more to do with what they say than with what you tell them.
Why? Because what they really need is to feel understood, listened to, reassured. And to do that, you have to actually listen to them.
How much is too much talking versus too much listening? After analyzing over 25k sales conversations using our tool, we found that top performing sales professionals speak an average 43% of the time, while their clients speak for 57% of the conversation.
We call this 43:57 ratio the “golden talk-listen ratio,” and we found that sales reps who achieve it see an improvement in their sales performance.
Source:: The Center For Sales Strategy