Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score to Increase Your Sales [Sales]

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How raising your LinkedIn SSI will help you close more business

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) is a score developed to quantify how well you are leveraging LinkedIn for social selling on a scale from 1 to 100. According to LinkedIn, social sellers create 45% more opportunities than peers with a lowers SSI, and they are 51% more likely to achieve quota. LinkedIn also states that 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.

The SSI is calculated using the following 4 elements within LinkedIn:
  1. Establish your professional brand – Complete your profile with the customer in mind. Become a thought leader by publishing meaningful posts.
  2. Find the right people – Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools.
  3. Engage with insights – Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.
  4. Build relationships – Strengthen your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision makers.
Your SSI score is a simple way to measure your engagement on LinkedIn. We recommend that our clients record a baseline and check it on a consistent basis, either weekly or monthly, to track improvement over time.

Here is the Vengreso quick list on what you can do today to start increasing your SSI Score:

1. Complete your profile
a. Upload a background banner. While LinkedIn can’t evaluate if it is a good one or not, your buyers can. Uploading just any banner isn’t enough; make sure it is branded and professional.b. Include a professional picture that is up-close and in which you are making eye contact with your profile visitor.c. Customize your Headline to be more than your title and company. Vengreso recommends that it include whom you help and how you help them.d. Complete your Summary from a client-centric viewpoint. Don’t focus on your resume; instead, take this opportunity to add value. Be sure to add your contact information so you can be easily reached, as well.e. Fill in your job description not only with what you do, but also the experience your clients get when they work with you and your company.f. Add rich media to your Summary and Experience sections, including videos, PDFs and other collateral that will bring value to your reader.g. Complete your Contact Information, including your professional email address and 3 website links.
2. Find the right people
a. Create searches for targeted stakeholdersb. View profiles of both your current and 2nd degree connections and beyond
3. Engage with Insights
a. Share content in the newsfeed and in groupsb. Like, comment and share other people’s contentc. Create original postsd. Use InMail for premiume. Respond to your notifications
4. Build relationships
a. Connect with new people through a personal messageb. Send welcome messages to your new connectionsc. Engage on your connections’ activity

CLICK HERE for more Vengreso insights into raising your LinkedIn SSI score. While SSI is one way to measure LinkedIn activities, it certainly isn’t the only way. Make sure that you’ve established KPIs and that all of your engagement is leading to productive phone calls and meetings, as that is the true measurement of success.