Video: Has Demand Generation Hit a Wall? Why ABM is the Answer [Marketing]

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Chief Growth Officer of DiscoverOrg demonstrates how to drive revenue growth through account based marketing to make the number.
Katie Bullard DiscoverOrg Cheif Growth Officer

Joining us for today’s show is Katie Bullard, the Chief Growth Officer for DiscoverOrg. Katie is a unique marketing leader who knows how to drive revenue growth to make the number, and do it while leading the product function. Matt and Katie leverage the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to share emerging best practices. Access the latest Workbook and flip to the Marketing and Strategy Execution to review Phase 12, Account Based Marketing, found on pages 296-299.
Today we are going to demonstrate Account Based Marketing and how to replace leads with opportunities for the sales team.

Why this topic? Demand generation and lead management does not work for companies with business models dependent on a small number of high-spending accounts. Waiting for dream accounts to come to you will result in missed revenue targets for your company. If you live and die by the big deal, growing revenues faster than your industry and your competitors requires a shift to account based marketing.

Katie is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic with proven experience in managing marketing, product management, and partnership programs for DiscoverOrg, the leading sales and marketing intelligence solution.

Let’s jump into the questions that represent the five criteria to determine whether Account Based Marketing is a fit for your business. If you score five out of five, then ABM should be a high priority. If three or more, then you should strongly consider ABM. Let’s get started by reviewing Katie’s business use-case:

In the first segment of the program (5:10) Katie answers questions that represent the five criteria to determine whether Account Based Marketing is a good fit for your business. Reviewing your use-case will determine whether or not ABM should be a high priority for your company.

Watch as Katie describes (7:00) her business’ sales cycle, selling process, and sales strategy. Katie explains the significance of account segmentation in answering questions surrounding potential to spend, propensity to buy, cost to acquire, lifetime value, and cost to serve.

In the second segment of the show (11:50), Katie explains the importance of a buyer-centric demand generation program when it comes to account-based marketing.

We wrap up the show (21:40) by discussing the necessity for data architecture, data management, and data purity for profitable sales and marketing.

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