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Podcast: Why Sales Isn't Taught in School and How It Can Be by The Sales Insider [Sales]

This article first appeared on The Sales Insider.

Why Sales Isn’t Taught in School and How It Can Be
by Gabe Larsen
Sales is changing for some odd reason the education of sales people is staying the same…well mostly. There is one pocket of people doing things different and that is happening at the University of Houston. For years now, Joel Le Bon has been leading a sales program, ranked top in the country, to help students succeed in sales-and it’s working. In this episode, Joel talks about the program he’s created and the success it’s been having.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– Why schools don’t teach sales
– What the University of Houston is doing to make sales people successful
– What you can do to help push the profession of sales forward

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