B2B Leads: Why and How to Create Your Own, with Tony Hughes [Podcast]

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Do you need more B2B leads? Then you’ll have to understand something: Lead generation is NOT just the job of the marketing department, it’s ours too. Every sales professional must be responsible to create and maintain their own pipeline full of prospects. In the words of my guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial, Tony Hughes, your sales leads are your responsibility. Join us for this conversation about creating your own B2B leads through what Tony calls “Combo Prospecting.” He’s just released a new book by that name and shares a ton of great insights about how multiple approaches to prospects can warm them up, open the door to sales conversations, and lead to closed sales and long-term customer relationships. Don’t miss it!

Has B2B Selling Gotten Easier or Harder?

When I asked Tony if B2B selling is harder or easier these days, he gave an awesome answer: It’s both. Selling is easier because it has never been easier to gain access to the information that allows salespeople to speak directly to a prospect’s needs. In addition, it’s never been easier to find and get through to the people they need to speak to about those needs. But at the same time, it’s obvious from statistics that sales is harder than ever. Failure rates are growing, salespeople are too passive, and many have lost the ability to make sales conversations about the buyer, not themselves. Tony’s insights about what it takes to succeed in sales are pure gold. You will grow as a sales professional from applying what he has to share.

Generating Your Own B2B Leads Depends on Two Things

OK, so Tony says that every salesperson needs to be creating their own leads rather than depending on the marketing department to do it. But the question we all have is, “How do you do it?” Tony says that lead generation depends on two vitally important things. First, you need to have the right narrative, one that speaks directly to your prospect’s needs in language they are able to hear. Secondly, you have to take a omni-channel approach, making use of social, phone calls, texts, and more. On this episode, Tony explains how to discover the narrative that will speak to your buyer’s needs and how to use omni–channel prospecting that creates the one-two punch that leads to success.

Why Getting Beat Up Now and Then Is Good For The Salesperson’s Soul

A successful sales career requires experiencing rejection, which is one of the reasons many people wash out of the profession. But the rewards that come from becoming a skilled sales professional are enormous. Tony says those who will become successful have to think about the rejections differently – we must come to believe that the rejections are actually good for our souls. It’s the difficult situations that make us face the battles going on inside – the hang-ups that hold us back. Facing them enables us to become free from the negative responses of others, which in turn frees us to help people through sales. As you can see, Tony not only teaches sales skills, he also clarifies the mindsets behind success. Listening to this episode and applying what Tony shares will help you develop as a sales professional. I’m confident of that.

What Does It Take to Succeed In Today’s B2B Sales Environment?

One of the last things I wanted to hear from Tony before we ended our conversation was his opinion about what it takes to succeed in today’s sales environment. Tony didn’t skip a beat, saying that the very first thing a salesperson needs to have clear in their own mind, is the difference that they are making for their customers. You have to clearly know that what you do matters. But that confidence has to be combined with massive levels of action, far beyond what others are doing. You’ve got to work overtime across multiple channels to connect with prospects, generate qualified leads, and engage in meaningful conversations that lead to sales. Tony is a wealth of insight about sales success, don’t miss this fabulous episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:58] Tony Hughes: Social Selling icon and author of a new book: Combo Prospecting
  • [4:20] Why 50% of the salesperson’s job is to create their own sales pipeline
  • [8:43] Is selling easier or harder in our day?
  • [12:35] How Tony came to write his book, “Combo Prospecting”
  • [14:22] Generating your own B2B leads depends on the right narrative and the right multi-channel approach
  • [20:22] Is social selling all that it’s cracked up to be?
  • [23:02] How does a combination of approaches create B2B leads?
  • [27:59] Why being beat up is good for the soul
  • [35:15] What does it take to be successful in today’s sales environment?

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