Infographic – B2B Content Marketing Trends to Help Reshape Your Strategy by HiP B2B [Marketing]

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Content marketing has been a longtime staple in promoting B2B companies. The two are a natural pair. The longer and more involved purchases in B2B necessitate engaging and informative content for self-education.

Content marketing isn’t foolproof for B2B marketers, however. To succeed, we need to stay up to date on trends, test new techniques, and determine what resonates with our audience.

This week’s infographic comes to us from Spiralytics. It provides a set of trends and statistics for B2B marketers to prepare content marketing strategies for success in 2018.
A few interesting stats from the infographic include:
  • Leading content marketers secure 7.8 times more website traffic.
  • 47% of buyers consume three to five pieces of content before talking to a salesperson
  • Case studies, white papers, and webinars were the top content formats consumed by 78%, 77%, and 76% of B2B buyers respectively
  • Email was the top content distribution channel, used by 93% of B2B marketers

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