Top 20 Influencers Of Marketers by Forbes [Marketing]

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Who is it that marketers read, listen to, and engage with? Who are the top influencers of CMOs? To find out, I turned to Leadtail, a leading social media insights research company, who tracks nearly 1,300 North American CMOs who are active on Twitter and analyzed over 760,000 tweets published by these CMOs during calendar year 2017. The analysis included unique hashtags (56,318), links shared (373,497), mentions/replies (420,824), and retweets (327,030). The following includes: 1) the list of top influencers, 2) who has moved the most in the past two years, 3) the hot topics CMOs are talking about, and 4) the top publications CMOs read. In full disclosure, I've been honored to make the list.

Top Influencers of CMOs

The top 10 influencers of CMOs each have impact in different ways. Some are writers, others are speakers, and most are thought leaders providing content and expertise in areas such as marketing technology, B2B issues, media, content, and AI.

  1. Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar): Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce
  2. Tamara McCleary (@TamaraMcCleary): CEO,
  3. Scott Brinker (@ChiefMartec): Chief Marketing Technologist Blogger
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee): CEO, Vayner Media
  5. Kim Whitler (@KimWhitler): Former GM/CMO, Forbes contributor, and Professor (Darden School of Business)
  6. Evan Kirstel (@EvanKirstel): Cofounder, EviraHealth
  7. Brian Solis (@BrianSolis): Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
  8. Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael): CEO, Marketing Insider Group
  9. Margaret Molloy (@MargaretMolloy): CMO, Siegel + Gale
  10. Jay Baer (@JayBaer): Founder, Convince and Convert

Biggest 2 Year Movers

Which influencers moved the most over the past two years? The top 5 movers were @LeeOdden (+34 positions over the past two years), @JasonLK (+22), @TamaraMcCleary (+16), @JoePulizzi (+13), @Jill_Rowley (+9), and @Mvolpe (+9).

What CMOs Are Talking About

As typically happens, some of the generic marketing terms (#CMO, #marketing, #branding, etc.) were the most commonly used hashtags by CMOs. However, in 2017, some more specific terms gained in popularity: #blockchain, #digitaltransformation, #VR, #WomenInTech, #Storytelling, #NetNeutrality, etc.

What Publications CMOs Share The Most

Beyond the top general business publications (i.e., Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, etc.), the specific publications that CMOs read, share, and tweet the most are Adweek, Advertising Age, and Mediapost.

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