Brand packaging needs a marketing tech stack too, who knew? by Chief Marketing Technologist [Marketing]

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Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging Processes
The following is a guest post by Danielle Sauvé, marketing director for the product identification platform for Danaher and editor of

We talk about digitizing everything, but if you’re a marketer at a consumer goods company, you know there is a divide between digital marketing channels and product packaging.

As evidence of this divide, marvel at this difference in perceived vs. actual production time:
The CMO Council found that 77% of marketing leaders think it takes 90 days or less to make a packaging change or other physical change. But when InfoTrends asked packaging professionals, they reported that changes take an average of 6.6 months (about 198 days).

And then behold this difference in expectations between marketers and consumers:
Marketing leaders would like to make packaging changes with 30 days of lead time according to the CMO Council. Consumers have a very different perspective. According to a poll on their expectations, consumers don’t understand why packaging changes and other physical media can’t be made in one day.

Yes, you read that correctly. The current state is 198 days; consumer expectations are 1 day.
Marketers don’t seem to have much awareness of what goes on behind the black curtain separating them from the packaging department, and therein lies a significant opportunity. Digitizing packaging can help close this gap in expectations and actuals and also realign communications.