GDPR: Say Hello to Your Brand's Net Decliner Score by [Marketing]

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May 25 represents a sort of D-Day for global brands. That’s the day the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect. 
And when that happens, the sum of our historical interactions with customers and prospects will be tabulated. Our customers will be doing the math; our list members and our website visitors will be making a calculation that amounts to modern marketing’s most chilling moment of truth: the moment global brands must ask customers, “May we continue knowing you?”

New Metric in the Post-GDPR World

A brand’s Net Promoter Score used to be the best leading indicator of business health from the marketing department. In the post-GDPR world, we have a better metric. Let’s call it our Net Decliner Score (NDS) — the percentage of your customers and prospects who decline to grant your brand access to their data.
The higher your brand’s NDS score creeps, the longer your digital marketing department will serve time in the year 1992 — the year email went public and web 1.0 crawled out of its dark spider hole. The transformational tools and technologies that give leading marketers an oar in the revenue stream will be slowly neutered with every increase in a brand’s NDS. READ THE FULL ARTICLE...