22 Responses to the Sales Objection "It's Not a Good Time to Buy" by HubSpot [Sales]

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Sales Objection Responses

  1. “If money and resources were no object, would you be willing to start with our product today?”
  2. “What’s holding you back?”
  3. “When would be a good time to buy?”
  4. “What are your company’s other priorities right now?”
  5. “How can I help you get the resources you need to sell this to the decision maker?”
  6. “So is X goal no longer a priority for you?”
  7. “What happens to those goals if you don’t act now?”
  8. “When are you hoping to achieve X goals by?”
  9. "If I call you back next quarter, what circumstances will have changed?"
  10. "What's going to be different next quarter?"
  11. "How are you performing against your end-of-year goals?"
  12. "Here's the timeline for ROI if we start in X months. Does this work for you?"
  13. [Silence]
  14. "Do you understand [product]'s value?"
  15. "Which part of [product/service] do you think would help your company the most?"
  16. "Is it the timing, or is something else concerning you?"
  17. "Why?"
  18. "I understand, as a customer of mine was in a similar situation, [recount story and share positive outcome."
  19. "Thanks for your honesty, I don't want to waste your time ..."
  20. "Sometimes when people say X, it really means Y. Is it safe for me to assume that's the case here?"
  21. "Are there any large company events/initiatives coming up that would make this a priority?"
  22. "Is there anything I can give you to make a stronger case to [decision maker]?"
You’ve been speaking with a prospect for a while. You’ve got a sense of their goals and their pain, and it seems like your offering is a great fit for their business.

You’re all ready to set a date for a product walkthrough or start discussing contract terms, but then your prospect says something that stops you in your tracks.

“Can we talk about this next quarter? It’s just not a good time for us to buy right now.”
Great. Not only is this a deal you had in your pipeline, but you’ve also sunk a significant amount of time working with your prospect. And now they’re not going to buy?

Prospects commonly use the sales timing objection to stall or force you to walk away. Although sometimes there are true obstacles, a prospect who wants to buy but truly can’t right now will proactively let you know their timeline and exactly what’s blocking them.

This objection is most often raised when a prospect doesn’t feel a sense of urgency or hasn’t seen enough value in your offering to buy. Use these timing objection responses to get to the heart of your prospect’s hesitation.

22 Sales Timing Objection Responses

1. “If money and resources were no object, would you be willing to start with our product today?

If your prospect says no, they don’t think your product is valuable. Find out why. If your prospect says yes, dig deeper to discover what logistical hurdles are standing in their way.