5 Highly Effective Negotiation Tactics Anyone Can Use by Inc.com [Interesting]

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A negotiation isn't a dispute or a confrontation. Great negotiators don't fight. When the bully on the boat in Enter the Dragon asks Bruce Lee to describe his kung fu style, Bruce says, "You can call it ' the art of fighting without fighting.'"

That's a great way to think of a negotiation. Negotiating isn't really about competing well -- negotiating is about communicating well.  (That's especially true if, for example, you're asking for a raise.)

Want to be a better negotiator? Here are some simple tips:

1. Listen more than you talk.
It's easy to go into a negotiation focused only on what you'll say, especially when you're nervous.
The goal of a negotiation isn't just to get what you want, but to also to help the other side get what they want. (Otherwise, how will you ever strike a deal?) To do that, you need to actually know what the other side wants -- which means you have to listen.

Finding common ground means knowing common ground exists.
In most situations, price isn't the only thing on the table. Maybe the other side would appreciate a longer delivery schedule. Or a larger down payment. Or to book revenue as soon as possible.

I once wanted to buy a house but couldn't come up with the down payment right away, so I made contract signing payments over the course of several months while I pulled the funds together. The owner was happy to do so; I basically made his house payments in the meantime, and if I had failed to come up with the down payment, he would have kept my deposit.