5 Probing Questions Guaranteed to Derail Your Deal by Dianna Geairn [Sales]

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Probing Questions

  1. I've heard [insert relevant industry trend]. Is that affecting your business at all?
  2. "Your website lists X,Y, and Z as company priorities, is that still the case?"
  3. "I've seen [breaking news] about your company. How are you doing?"
  4. "That's an interesting question, and one I'm happy to answer. Can we set it aside for a moment as we continue to explore your current energy situation?"
  5. "Oh, you were recently in Vegas? That's great! Now, last call, you were telling me about [business problem. Can we continue that conversation?"
The seller who asks the right questions guides the sale and wins the deal. Of course, you’ve got to be good at the fundamental questions to understand the customer’s current situation and the problems they want to solve.

But, it’s the probing questions that separate the experts from the novices -- and earn you more money.
Probing questions establish you as a partner in your buyer’s decision and set the stage for your future as a vendor of choice for many years to come.

Done well, probing questions dig into the buyer’s pain without embarrassing them for having that pain. Good questions reveal the full range of implications a problem has on a prospect’s business, personal career success, and ability to meet goals. These are the problems that truly matter and, most importantly, what that they’ll spend money to fix.

Sales Probing Questions Mistakes

  1. The C-Suite Mistake
  2. The Dog-Ate-My-Homework Mistake
  3. The Misdirected Question Mistake
  4. The #TooSoon Mistake
  5. The TMI Mistake