5 Tips to build an effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy by OpenView Labs [Marketing]

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While B2B and B2C content strategies follow a largely similar approach, the B2B landscape differs from B2C in many ways. On one hand, B2B intent is mainly educating its audience while B2C intent mostly involves engagement through content that can be enjoyed.

For B2B content strategy, there is a high probability that the content strategy will be diverse because the marketing funnel generally involves more stages since the B2B audience is focused on keeping and nurturing the business relationships.

Here are 5 tips that will help you in building an effective B2B content strategy:

1. Create a uniform strategy with well defined objectives

Your content strategy should be uniform. When laying down your content plan, it is essential to focus on creating a common objective so your content is aligned with your goal and doesn’t contradict it.
By having a set of well defined objectives, you can create posts that are in sync with your marketing goal. For instance, if the key goal is to drive traffic through useful content which is not salesy then your strategy must be aligned with the objective and not include anything that is promotional.
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Additionally, it is important to focus on the content type that will aptly suit your objective and at the same time, engage your audience. READ THE FULL ARTICLE...