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Building Pipeline Without Marketing – 7 Tips For Smart Prospecting by The Sales Insider [Sales]

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Building high quality pipeline is a major challenge for sales leaders in all industries. According to a recent poll of 564 sales executives, over half of sales leaders (63%) believe that building high quality sales pipeline is much more of a challenge than closing pipeline. Typically, building pipeline and lead generation are an attribute of the marketing department. This is why sales leaders are concerned about this indicator — they rarely have full control over it.
But experienced salespeople have their own ways of generating sales pipeline without needing a marketer’s help.

We asked sales leaders about strategies for building pipeline without marketing, and here’s what we got.

Rely On Your Current Customer Base

Your current customer base is usually low-hanging fruit when it comes to building pipeline, told us Mike Schultz, president of RAIN Group sales training. When it comes to building the pipeline, 51 percent of sellers revealed that making phone calls to existing customers/accounts was highly effective, said Mike Schultz, quoting the Top Performance in Sales Prospecting research.

“Reaching out to your current clients works well because you’ve already developed a relationship and established trust with them. Thirty-seven percent of sales reps shared that making phone calls to prior customers/accounts was also very/extremely effective,” added Mike.

Make Sure Your Data is Clean

Good leads come from good data, as both sales reps and marketers know. Make sure your database is accurate and information is up-to-date. This gives sales development reps a higher chance of contacting and qualifying leads. At Jellyvision, the employee communication platform, they aim for having 70 percent of lead gen needs covered by the sales development team.
“In terms of successful BDR and AE lead and sales meeting generation, nothing is more important than accurate data and a deep consideration for AE:BDR alignment as it points back to your overarching strategy. We also deeply subscribe to the cadence approach and harness sales automation to maximize BDR/AE efficiency,” said Jessica Hay, VP of Sales at Jellyvision.

Speaking at Events and Tradeshows

Events are a boon for salespeople, because they can share their knowledge in the industry to a new audience (making new connections), or simply speak to their current target audience. This, of course, provided you have the list of event attendees and it’s the right type of customer. READ THE FULL ARTICLE...