Content nurturing for ABM: Moving from theory to practice by Marketing Land [Marketing]

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Here is a scene that’s all too familiar: Your Sales and Marketing organization has bought into an  Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach — adopted the mindset, organized, suited up on the tools set. You’ve embraced the principles of content nurturing in order to attract, engage and convert the decision-makers inside your key accounts. But you are asking yourself, “What does that really look like tactically?”
I get it.

Moving from theory to practice and actually developing and deploying your arsenal can be a heady, if not daunting, proposition. Here is some basic guidance on how to put one of the best moves of your marketing career into full gear.

The decision, mindset and suiting up was the first part of the move, of course. What comes next is learning how to consult the data analytics to determine the exact right types and composition of content assets, stage by stage, based on the target deciders in your buying groups.
Let’s take a look at the practical phases of a true nurturing plan.

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