How to Run Demos That Win the Sale! by Sandler Training [Sales]

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Todd finally learned that he had lost the large deal. He was confused and thought his demo had gone well.  A month had passed since he was told by the prospect that he had “done a good job presenting his software!”  What could have gone wrong?

Some of the most talented sales professionals don’t know the difference between a demonstration that closes vs. one that loses the saleLet’s look at the top 5 reasons why product and service demonstrations fail, and what you can do about it.

1. The salesperson overwhelms the prospect with features and functions: 
The sales or technical person has learned every feature of the software and so they present every feature! The problem with this is that much of what gets presented is overkill, and maybe downright confusing. Why? It doesn’t address any of the prospect’s problems.  Though the prospect might seem impressed with the scope of all of the features and give you a “very impressive” reaction, they don’t buy. The salesperson first must probe and ask question that uncover the issues that are most important to the prospect, and then present those features that are most important to the prospect – those that address their unique needs and solve their unique problems. READ THE FULL ARTICLE...