How to Win Clients and Influence Prospects with Sales Enablement by Sales for Life [Sales]

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With sales representatives’ success rates taking a downward turn over the last five years, many sales professionals have wondered what the solution is. When social selling and digital selling paradigms have done so much to propel sales growth, the question becomes more concerning. Why are sales representatives’ quota attainment levels falling?

Companies that forget to practice social selling daily are 40% less likely to hit their revenue goals.
In 2018, sales force enablement is the answer for many sales leaders. Empowering and supporting your sales teams with content, training, tools, and technology, among other things, may seem like common sense in today’s business environment.

Enabling your sales team members in this manner helps them to win clients and influence prospects. In turn, salespeople are better prepared to obtain their quotas and propel sales growth in the business. How does sales enablement prepare your salespeople to win over clients and influence prospects?

Putting the Client at the Center

The idea of enabling salespeople through training, technology, and other supportive measures seems focused on your sales teams. It can be difficult to see the customer as a central figure in this methodology, but sales enablement is incredibly customer-centric.

The training, technology, and even content you provide to your salespeople through a sales enablement program are all customer-focused. The central idea is to teach salespeople to support clients and prospects throughout the buying cycle. With proper support, salespeople focus more on client needs and experiences. READ THE FULL ARTICLE...