You’ve Been Overlooking the ONE Reason Your Deals Go Sideways by Sales Hacker [Sales]

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Discovery meeting agenda: Meeting control
This is part 1 of a 6-part series that breaks down the crucial components of sales meetings. I’ll introduce the components of an effective discovery meeting agenda and why it works.

I have watched many sales reps come and go and ascend up the ranks from SDR (Sales Development Rep) to AE (Account Executive). Surprisingly it’s very easy for me to see who will struggle to deliver revenue and who will succeed.

I can listen to one meeting or call and determine whether we’re in trouble or ops are in good hands and have a good shot at closing.

What is this magic “sign?”

Meeting control.
After 12 years in sales and hundreds of meetings and ops, I can say confidently this is my secret sauce for claiming the top spot on the leaderboard at multiple companies. However, it continues to amaze me how many sales reps have no structure to their meetings and are often “winging it” on almost every sales call.

What is Meeting Control?

Meeting control can sound like something fairly broad but actually, it’s rather tactical and specific.
Meetings have a natural anatomy and if you adhere to this on EVERY call you can significantly increase your chances of closing a dealREAD THE FULL ARTICLE...