30 Experts Identify Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing by Content Marketing Institute [Marketing]

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More than once, I’ve had to stop reading a poorly edited book because I couldn’t take off my editor’s hat.

Professionals in any industry observe others’ work and silently critique it. That analysis often leads you to one of two results: insight into what you could do better or a welcome relief because you are doing it better.

Some of the presenters at Content Marketing World offer their out-loud critiques of what could be done better in content marketing. Use their observations to gauge what you’re doing well and where your content marketing program has room for improvement.

Do it half-hearted

The biggest mistake, the root of all evil if you want, is not committing fully to the cause. There is not much glamour in doing content marketing – it is a slow, sometimes grueling process that can’t be forced but must gradually penetrate all pores of an organization. It requires a passionate team that won’t give up easily, will pick their battles wisely, and most importantly will work consistently day in day out for a long, long time.

Publish for the sake of publishing

It’s amazing, but I still see companies that post for the sake of posting, with no specific goals in mind and no plan for the type of content they want to create. They’re unhappy with the lack of results, their teams are frustrated with the lack of direction, and they aren’t even sure what they’re trying to achieve. Be thoughtful and deliberate in your content creation.

Let the clock go on

The biggest mistake I see is taking too long to implement a good strategy.
Christoph Trappe, chief content engagement director, Stamats Business Media



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